[All Aboard] TGRXPRS

I will probably remove this post when I come to my senses, but for now, I’ll leave it be.

It’s almost mid-November. Normally I would kind of be happy. The holiday season is just around the corner, after all. But in 10 days from now, it will be 4 years since my teacher and good friend, perhaps biggest cheerleader, lost the game of life.

But for a few minutes, he came back. I believe.

Last week my boyfriend and I had a hankering for some Mexican food, so we hit up a local joint. We walked in, and the first thing I noticed was the back of this man. He was on the larger side, graying hair and balding. Part of me just wanted to throw my arms around him and never let him go.

I guess that is my problem. It’s just so hard to let go. Good thing, otherwise the guy would’ve had some strange Asian girl hanging onto him like a baby chimp.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I had gotten a table outside. The man ended up leaving, and he climbed into a huge van. So, this made it even more real to me, that my old teddy bear had been resurrected.

The van was not the TGRXPRS, and probably wasn’t driven by a man named Robert Harvey. But in that moment, they were.





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