[Be Dazzled] The Only Best Friend I’ll Ever Need

I wasn’t going to splurge on myself on my birthday, but I felt like I deserved to treat myself this year. Instead of something I really want but should not buy because they lose their luster so fast (i.e., handbags), I opted to go with something classic. I got a pair of diamond earrings from Amazon.

My first purchase was so awesome that I decided to try my luck the second time around. And I guess the second time is the charm because I love these earrings. When I first opened the box (which is wooden, not the typical fuzzy kind), I thought the earrings were a lot smaller than I had pictured. However, when I put them on this morning, I instantly felt like a million bucks!

They are the perfect size! Not too big to scream “Rip these off my lobes!” but not small enough for people to ask, “Where are those earrings you bought?”

Before I made this purchase, I struggled with going with the round or princess cut. My boyfriend made the decision easy. He told me to choose the style that I would match my (future) wedding ring. 😛

So, I have the earrings now. I hope to get a necklace to match, and hopefully that ring will follow soon after!

By the way, I got these earrings when they were first available on Amazon as the Deal of the Day. So, if you have patience (of which I don’t have much), keep a watch on these beauties. I can honestly say I got a lotta bling for my buck!


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