[13] Oh Snap! I’ve got the Power!

Looking back, I think cartoons really do rot kids’ brains. Cartoons were pretty much the only form of entertainment I had. But when I did go out, I guess in some ways I tried to re-enact what I saw in my own, less than intelligent way.

I must’ve been 5 or so when what I called “The Power” started. I’d stand by the mailbox, which sat atop a wooden post, and I’d look up and stare directly into…

The Sun. Yup. You read that right. The huge yellow, flamin’ hot orb in the sky.

Adam - Prince of Eternia - looked better IMHO

I’d then close my eyes and have “The Power.” The Power was seeing light and colors, I guess. It never made me strong or gave me any super strength (though that would’ve been awesome). It was just closing my eyes tightly to the point where I could see the light and colors and actually hear The Power. I’m no scientist, but is it normal to hear that sound??

I digress. Perhaps I was influenced by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I mean, by the power of Greyskull, he had the power. Unlike me, this ghostly white guy turned bronze and bulky. Heck, even his timid cat, Cringer, turned into the mighty Battlecat.

I guess I didn’t (and don’t) have the power after all. One thing I do have still is my vision. Surprise, surprise!

I learned the errors of my ways when I saw on the news that there was going to be a solar eclipse. There was all this chatter about making some device so you could see it. What the heck? I thought to myself. Then I heard these words: Don’t stare directly at it. 

Oopsie. And from that day forward, I lost the power. On the upside, my mom did help me get a piece of cardboard and foil so we could see the eclipse. Ah… Foreshadow.

To add a little more flavor to this particular post, I leave you with this: Snap – I’ve Got the Power

Lesson learned: He-Man never got the power from staring at the sun.


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