[Delicious Desserts] Bundt There’s More!

When birthdays come around at the office, I tend to look for something other than the ordinary store-bought (and usually yucky) cake.

I went to some of the fancier cakeries, and once I heard the price, I swear my credit cards jumped out of my wallet and ran away from me.

So, I went to plan B(undt). I had never been here before, but decided it was worth a shot. I enter Nothing Bundt Cakes.

There were so many flavors that I could decide what to get. Instead of getting one bundt, I got a dozen “Bundtinis” in 4 flavors — Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry, White White Chocolate and Carrot Cake (because the true fatties can’t have everything).

When I went in to pick up my order, I sampled that day’s offering: White Chocolate Blueberry.

Move over M & M’s! This piece of Heaven literally melted in my mouth. It was so moist and light. It was a little on the sweet side, so the little bite-sized square was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Just took a bite of the White White Chocolate. It’s fantastic!

It was $18 for a dozen Bundtinis. It’s cheaper, portion-control sized and tastes better than its more popular (and overrated, IMHO) cousin. I highly recommend!

Final Score: Nothing Bundt Cakes – 1, [Insert cupcake bakery name here] – 0

My tip: They do offer decorations for an additional cost. Instead, I went to the Michael’s at the other end of the strip and bought a pack of birthday cake toothpick thingies (came in a pack of 12) for $1.99.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
2875 Park Ave
Tustin, CA 92782
(714) 258-2253

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