[A+R’s Big Adventure] Part 7 – Family, Friends and Food

We’re halfway through our short visit in SoCal.Trying to cram LA, OC and SD in 4 days. On Day 1, I had my first taste of El Pollo Loco and In-N-Out in 7 months. Oh. Em. GEE. It never tasted so good! On Day 2, we met up with a coupke of friends and headed […]

[2015 Wrap-Up] Ch-ch-changes!

If I had to sum up 2015 in one word it would be “Changes.” There have been so many changes this year, and so many lessons learned along the way. The first big change was moving from California to Washington. My husband and I had discussed this for such a long time. It always seemed […]

[Uno, Dos, Tres] — Stage 2

I am sure there are plenty of things to experience in life, but what I experienced today is just surreal. I didn’t even have time to think about how I felt. It just happened. Tears welled up in my eyes. Slowly, yet surely, I’m starting to understand things I never could wrap my head around […]

[A & R's Big Adventure] Part 6 - The Job Hunt Is OVER! (Or Is It?)

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 6 – The Job Hunt Is OVER! (Or Is It?)

Since we moved, I have technically been employed in some form since we got here. However, there was a one-week period where I was only working a few days a week at Intrigue Chocolate Co. It was my only job. If you count job hunting as a job (which I actually do), then, OK, I […]

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 5 – 90(ish) Days Later

My hubby and I have successfully completed one full season (summer) in Seattle. Life in the Emerald City is definitely different from life in Vanillaville. We have had to adjust to the weather, sunrises and sunsets, and general vibe of our new city. So far, I have quite enjoyed actually living in the city than […]

[Uno, Dos, Tres] 1 – Day 1.

I have a tendency to think of how I will react to certain life events before they happen. For instance, when I was in elementary school, I already worried about college. I had visited my siblings’ college campus and remember thinking how big it was. I knew I’d get lost. But in the blink of […]

King of Comedy right here.

[14] That’s Not Bill Cosby, That’s My Dad

It’s Father’s Day again. So, this year I thought I’d blog a bit about my dear old dad. When I was a kid, I thought I had the meanest dad on the planet. When my sister and I would fight, his face in the doorway and his death stare was enough to make us freeze […]

[A & R's Big Adventure] Part 4 - The First 30 (ish) Days

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 4 – The First 30 (ish) Days

I don’t know which was less painful — packing or unpacking. After feeling a sense of accomplishment for getting rid of excess stuff, we got to our new destination with a new dilemma — Downsized space. Our new place is nice but pretty tiny compared to where we have lived in the past. So, the […]


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