[4] Mom — The Omniscient

Move over Santa Claus. My mom has eyes in the back of her head. I swear to it. She knows everything. Sees everything. Hears everything. I learned this early on, when I was about 9 or 10. When I was growing up and playing with friends, there was this “rule” that I couldn’t/shouldn’t go inside […]

[3] When Dad’s away, the kids will horseplay

Like a lot of the kids I grew up with in San Diego, my dad was in the US Navy. What did this mean? For one, my dad would sometimes go overseas for months at a time. For me, that meant my siblings and I (especially my sister and me) could fight like “cats and […]

[2] Oh brother

While my sister caused some psychological pain, my brother fulfilled the physical pain and overall annoyance.Actually, sometimes they’d double team me by forcing the “deadly tickle” (one pinned me down and the other tickled away) or swinging me onto the bed (one had my hands and the other had my feet). Good times indeed. Since […]

[1] Scarred for life. Thanks sis!

Things my has sister taught me: 1. Since I’m the youngest, I’ll be all alone because everyone else will be DEAD before me. She sang a song in a somber voice that goes something like, “No more [insert name]. The flowers are for you.” 2. The Tooth Fairy and my sister not only write the […]

[0] The Wonder Years indeed

I blame my many hours spent recently watching “The Wonder Years” as the reason I created this blog. In attempt to save memories, and, perhaps, prevent my unborn, non-existent children from being like mommy, I’m going to (try to) blog about the highlights of my life (so far) – The good, the bad, and the […]


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