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Places to wine, dine, kick back and unwind in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA.

[Delicious Desserts] Bundt There’s More!

When birthdays come around at the office, I tend to look for something other than the ordinary store-bought (and usually yucky) cake. I went to some of the fancier cakeries, and once I heard the price, I swear my credit cards jumped out of my wallet and ran away from me. So, I went to […]

[Donut Touch] Let’s Go Krazy

After going into Krazy Eddie’s Donuts, this might as well be written on my tombstone: I’VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN! One day I was looking for donuts on Yelp (when I used that crappy service) and I noticed the great reviews this place was getting. I pass by it quite often on my way to work, […]

[Yum Yum] Go Ahead, Marmalade My Day

[EDIT] Marmalade Cafe has left The District in Tustin. It’s gone the way of so many other stores and restaurants there. ***** We started our day at the Marmalade Cafe in Tustin, CA (in The District, across from where the Borders used to be). It had a “Coccoonish” feel, but sitting among the blue-haired folks didn’t bother […]

Randy Wang, co-host of the "Pretty Good Podcast" owning the mic.

[Raising the Bar] The Draft

I attended an event on Tuesday at The Draft Bar and Grill in Studio City, CA. I’ve only been to a couple of bars in my life, but this one definitely made an impression. First, the service was great. I don’t know, sometimes I just expect bad service because after downing a few, you’d think they wouldn’t […]


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