Tales from the Cul-de-Sac

Dumb things that occurred in and around my street.

[27] Trashy Summertime Fun

[27] Trashy Summertime Fun

Ah summer. As an adult, I am not a big fan of it — the heat, the congestion on the freeway as the exit to the beaches near, the depression of not fitting into a teeny tiny bikini. As a kid, though, it brought to mind some great memories. If my summer memories as a […]

[23] Tubetop Down

I wore a lot of hand-me-downs when I was little. Some I liked, and some I didn’t. One piece of clothing I liked was this striped tubetop… Emphasis is on liked.  The bands were pink and I thought it was so cool how you could put it on either way, that there was no true top […]

[22] If I Were a Boy…

I knew a kid that loved to collect and (sadly) torture bugs, read up and write about dinosaurs, and watch He-Man. That kid was yours truly. I loved bugs! I used to look under rocks and pick up the most colorful and unique-looking bugs. My favorite was what I called the “clicker” bug (aka “jumping […]

[10] Baby, you *can't* drive my car

[10] Baby, you *can’t* drive my car

During one of my mad rushes to get in and out of the mall parking lot during the holidays, I was backing out of my parking space and didn’t see that anything was wrong. When I looked at my dash, a red light caught my attention. “Parking Brake On.” Oopsie! I’m no car expert (obviously) […]


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