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Aside from blogging, nothing makes me happier than shopping (unless I come home empty-handed, then that’s a different story). If I don’t feel like going out (especially here in California where gas prices are climbing higher than sky high), I turn to Amazon.com for scoping out the greats (because they’re not just goods) and adding them to my shopping cart.

There is also a thrill in checking my mailbox or getting to my front door and seeing an Amazon-labeled box sitting there, waiting for me to open it!

So, I’m sharing the thrill with YOU! I’ve selected a few of my personally favorite Amazon categories and tied them into a nice little package.

So, go ahead. Make YOUR day by shopping in my store: LaiLaiGirl’s Amazon Shop. Buy a lot, save a ton!


Hand-crafted. Creamy. Delicious.

Hand-crafted. Creamy. Delicious.

Sweet Deals: For an extra sweet treat, I highly recommend shopping at Intrigue Chocolates Co. These chocolates don’t just melt in your mouth; they make your mouth truly smile. The unique flavors truly set them apart from a lot of chocolates you’ve ever tasted. My favorite is the Jamaican Hot. It’s got just a little bit of kick to it, but it’s not overpowering.

Take a bite out of these chocolates and you’ll never buy your chocolates from the grocery store again!

Cute and Wacky straight from Japan: If you’re looking for something cool, wacky and not available in the U.S., then J-List.com is your perfect gift destination. They have plenty of toys, apparel, kitchen/housewares, computer goodies, snacks and more. My personal favorite items are anything Hello Kitty related and the different styles of bentos (stackable lunchboxes).

Check out the banner links below for a sneak peek at some of the things on J-List!

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