That’s Webertainment!

TV is nearly dead. Some of the best visual entertainment is on the web!

Vinyl Rewind — Hosted by “The Vinyl Geek,” this weekly web series shines the spotlight on different artists and types of music — all on vinyl, of course. It’s a great mix of music, history and humor.

HappySlip — If you’re Filipino, you’ll totally get it. If you’re not, you’ll still enjoy the craziness of Filipinos. Christine Gambito is the Filipino Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry as she portrays the different characters in this collection of bidjos.

Heidi and Frank 24 — Two of my favorite radio personalities — Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer — offer snippets of their daily podcast (The Heidi and Frank Show) — 24 hours a day! These two, along with their producer Erik Scott Smith (aka “Smeez”) are freaking hilarious. They cover strange news stories (my favorite segment is “Who’s Going to Hell”) and just plain bring the funny to even the most serious of topics. Take a listen to the snippets, then subscribe because “You really have to hear the whole show.”


The Vinyl Rewind with your host the Vinyl Geek (aka Eric Callero)

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