Humor and Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes I need a dose of reality — a term I use loosely — to help me cope with a bad day or make me feel better about myself. Sad, but true — I guess that’s reality.


  • Angry Little Girls — Comics that really touch my heart – in a humorous way.
  • Buzzfeed — Interesting tidbits to fill your brain, one cell at a time.
  • Cracked — If you like top 10 lists, then you’ll love this site.
  • Gossip Cop — Not the typical gossip site. It weeds out the true from the false, but somehow I still feel pathetic for wondering what Lindsay Lohan is truly up to on a daily basis.
  • PetTube — I know our pets watch YouTube and make fun of their human counterparts. It’s payback!
  • All Look Same? — This site just shows that no matter how intelligent or non-racist we are, the reality is we aren’t and we’re totally clueless.


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