A & R’s Big Adventure

Space Needle. Duh.

[A+R’s Big Adventure] Part 9 – 365 Days Later

Today marks one year that my husband and I officially moved to Seattle. The last 365 days have had its ups and downs for sure. What has happened, then and now? One year ago today, I sort of had a job. I was telecommuting part-time for my employer back in California, and not knowing if […]

View from Columbia Tower on a winter morning. I'll miss seeing this.

[A+R’s Big Adventure] Part 8 – Career Trifecta Completed

March 9, 2004 — On this day in my history, I left a job where I had worked for a year. The reason — I moved to the next county over to start the next chapter in my life. And now fast forward to twelve years later. March 9, 2016 — My officemates and I […]

[A+R’s Big Adventure] Part 7 – Family, Friends and Food

We’re halfway through our short visit in SoCal.Trying to cram LA, OC and SD in 4 days. On Day 1, I had my first taste of El Pollo Loco and In-N-Out in 7 months. Oh. Em. GEE. It never tasted so good! On Day 2, we met up with a coupke of friends and headed […]

[A & R's Big Adventure] Part 6 - The Job Hunt Is OVER! (Or Is It?)

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 6 – The Job Hunt Is OVER! (Or Is It?)

Since we moved, I have technically been employed in some form since we got here. However, there was a one-week period where I was only working a few days a week at Intrigue Chocolate Co. It was my only job. If you count job hunting as a job (which I actually do), then, OK, I […]

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 5 – 90(ish) Days Later

My hubby and I have successfully completed one full season (summer) in Seattle. Life in the Emerald City is definitely different from life in Vanillaville. We have had to adjust to the weather, sunrises and sunsets, and general vibe of our new city. So far, I have quite enjoyed actually living in the city than […]

[A & R's Big Adventure] Part 4 - The First 30 (ish) Days

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 4 – The First 30 (ish) Days

I don’t know which was less painful — packing or unpacking. After feeling a sense of accomplishment for getting rid of excess stuff, we got to our new destination with a new dilemma — Downsized space. Our new place is nice but pretty tiny compared to where we have lived in the past. So, the […]

Seattle Public Library

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 2 – We’re (Almost) Not Tourists Anymore

Some time last year, my husband and I discussed possibly moving to Seattle by November 2015. We talked about visiting in the spring to check out places to live. So, we decided to spend our first wedding anniversary in the Emerald City. Part of the plan was to drive there, to experience what it would […]

[A & R’s Big Adventure] Part 1 – I Left My Heart in Seattle

I have not always accepted change as a good thing. Having grown up feeling sheltered, the world outside those 1400 sq ft of space was a very scary place. The first time I ventured outside the California border (in the continental US) was when I 21 years old. I went with my sister and her […]


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