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Places to get your grub on! There *may* be one in your town.

[We Be Jammin’] The Arrogant Butcher

No, this blog isn’t about a bad experience at the meat counter.  It’s about a restaurant that is called The Arrogant Butcher. (Actually, I had originally typed “Arrogant Bastard” and wrote, “No, this isn’t about my boyfriend.” Oopsie. Freudian Slip! Yeah, that’s it!) Two things before I continue: 1. This wasn’t our first choice. The […]

Randy Wang getting his PCM on.

[Get Your PCM On] C’Mon!

PCM — acronym for Pizza, Chicken and Mojos (slices of potatoes, breaded, seasoned and fried) only available at Shakey’s. This is my second trip to Shakey’s in the last month or so. Prior to that, I hadn’t been there since 1993. It was the year I went to the motherland, ate at Shakey’s, and got […]


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