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Dumb things that happened away from home

[All Aboard] TGRXPRS

[All Aboard] TGRXPRS

I will probably remove this post when I come to my senses, but for now, I’ll leave it be. It’s almost mid-November. Normally I would kind of be happy. The holiday season is just around the corner, after all. But in 10 days from now, it will be 4 years since my teacher and good […]

Flashbulbs must've been pricey back in the day.

[11] Would you like a side of beat down?

Let’s face it. Little kids can be a**holes. And I was no exception.I was generally a good student. Heck, I was a teacher’s pet. In second grade, I could swear to you that my teacher would’ve gladly adopted me and called me her own. I always got star stickers and kept my desk clean. I […]

[8] Blame it on the rain (yeah, yeah)

[8] Blame it on the rain (yeah, yeah)

My guest appearance on the PGPeepcast mixed with the rare wet weather in Southern California was the perfect recipe for the topic of this entry — pissing my pants.It was a dark and stormy school day. I was in fifth grade — Mrs. Molina’s class. She usually read some story to us. I remember her reading “Homeward […]


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