[A+R’s Big Adventure] Part 8 – Career Trifecta Completed

March 9, 2004 — On this day in my history, I left a job where I had worked for a year. The reason — I moved to the next county over to start the next chapter in my life.

And now fast forward to twelve years later.

March 9, 2016 — My officemates and I huddled together in a conference room around the speakerphone. In the span of 30 minutes or so, we were told in many words, by many people, that we were losing our jobs.

This is the first time I have ever been laid off. It was kind of a shock to me. While I understood what was happening, I couldn’t quite digest it.

In a way, I was happy because I knew I couldn’t stay in this job for a long time. But on the other hand, I was sad because finding a new job was no longer a choice; it was a necessity.

I’m still grappling with how I feel about this. I have left jobs before, and been fired once (or technically twice). But laid off? This was a first.

View from Columbia Tower on a winter morning. I'll miss seeing this.

View from Columbia Tower on a winter morning. I’ll miss seeing this.

Depending on how I want to look at it, the timing is good or the timing is bad.

The timing is good because, well, it gives me time to focus on the one truly important thing in my life — my new job as a mommy. I’m about 29 days away today, depending on when the little bugger decides it’s time to introduce himself.

The timing is bad, because, well, I’m going to be a mommy. I need to be able to financially support my new little blessing. Plus, it would be nice for my husband and I to have a roof over our head and food on the table.

As part of my job, every Friday we have to discuss our positive focus. Despite this bad news, I will try to stay positive. I turned down a job offer that would have paid me a whole lot more to stay at this job. Even if I had foreseen this outcome, I still would have made this choice.

It may not make sense now, but I know the real reason will reveal itself down the road some day.

For now, it’s on to the next adventure.


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