[We Be Jammin’] The Arrogant Butcher

No, this blog isn’t about a bad experience at the meat counter.  It’s about a restaurant that is called The Arrogant Butcher. (Actually, I had originally typed “Arrogant Bastard” and wrote, “No, this isn’t about my boyfriend.” Oopsie. Freudian Slip! Yeah, that’s it!)

Two things before I continue:
1. This wasn’t our first choice. The first place my boyfriend had in mind wasn’t going to be open for lunch.
2. Was it kind of (or very) rude to ask my Vegetarian friend to meet up with us here? LOL! Just a thought.

Despite these two things, I will say that the experience was great, and they did offer Vegetarian options. 🙂

When we got the lunch menu, I was wondering if some pages had fallen off. I’m so used to going to chain restaurants that offer anything and everything. But then I realized, bigger is not always better.

I didn’t do anything fancy. I ordered what seemed to be everything good in one package — the BLT. The only thing that sounded kinda gross was “Tomato jam.” (I do hope they never shorten it to “to’ jam.”) Also, it really should be called a BLAT, since it has my favorite sandwich topping — avocado — in it.

When my order came, it was accompanied by a salad. The sandwich was good, “to’ jam” and all. Actually, the tomato jam really made this carb-lovers tastebuds sing! It definitely made the sandwich quite memorable. The salad was delish as well. It had a sweet flavor to it.

Since I was in front of company, I tried not to devour the rest of my sandwich in one large bite.  After each bite, I could just see the slices of avocado teasing me as they peeked out from between the bread.

I probably would’ve eaten the plate, but I wanted to keep my teeth. To make it appear that I am demure and not a pig, I did an Asian thing (or at least what I think is an Asian thing) and left some portion of the salad on my plate. It was such a small portion, I probably could’ve just inhaled it in one breath. So much for seeming demure.

OH, and how could I forget… We ordered dessert! (Yes, I still had room, according to my brain. My stomach begs to differ.) We got the Blueberry Cheesecake. It was served in a cup-like dish and the graham cracker “crust” was on top of the cheesecake. While the cheesecake was yummy, I just wish it was a little more firm. But I guess when it’s 90 degrees outside in April, I can let it slide.

Bottom line: This place will remain off my chopping block. Thank you Arrogant Butcher! I just wish I had gotten some “to’ jam” to go!

The Arrogant Butcher (CityScape)
2 E Jefferson #150
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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