[14] Whitney Houston in My Dumber Years

The death of a celebrity doesn’t usually have an impact on me. I did not know them nor really admire them. Sure, I feel sad, but the sadness never punched me. Then it did yesterday. And I will never forget it.

My bf and I had been at the movies, so my phone was off and I didn’t know until hours later that Whitney Houston had passed. It was odd because just earlier yesterday, I saw her picture on some “news” web site. The article indicated she was coming out of a nightclub, drunk and cursing. What a sad set of pictures.

Anyway, as we were driving home, I was telling my bf how Whitney Houston’s music is a part of the good memories in my life.

For one, it reminded me of good memories of growing up with my sister. When I was little, my sister had this dance routine to How Will I Know? To this day, I remember the 7 steps. I also remember my sister had the Whitney album on cassette.

Then, a few years later, I had my last slow dance with my 6th grade crush to the song You Give Good Love.

And a year or so later, my friend and I dueted (she has a voice; I don’t) to I Will Always Love You. My sister actually took me to see the movie The Bodyguard. Again, a good memory.

I miss the days when singers really had voices, so unlike today’s digitally-altered bullshit.

I want to have fond memories of her and the good old days. I want to remember her this way: You Give Good Love.

Lesson learned: Music really is the story of your life.


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