EVOO for the Eco Cheapo

The best under $10 kitchen investment.

Cooking at home may be the more cost-effective and healthier way to go, but sometimes the things you need do not come cheap. For me, I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO — as Rachel Ray usually refers to it) in just about everything I cook. It’s light, healthy, but can really hit you in your wallet.

Instead of (literally) pouring it into your skillet or baking pan, make it last with the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. This little kitchen helper works great. Just pour your olive oil into the Misto, pump it, and spray. It’s sprays like an aerosol. When the mist starts to die down, just pump the Misto again, and you’re back in business.

With the Misto, there’s no need to buy aerosol cooking spray again (which are expensive and not eco-friendly). Plus, it’s so nice to have control of knowing what’s in your food and what you’re cooking it with.

Best of all, the Misto costs under $10. For the cost, you can probably buy 3 cans of cooking spray. However, with the Misto, you’ve got a lifetime of cooking spray.

Lastly, they come in different colors. Mine is red, but they come in colors such as silver (as pictured above) and green. And you don’t have to use EVOO. You can use any oil you want. So, get 1 for every kind of oil you use!


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