[You Wanna Pizza Me?] Great Pie in the Pacific Northwest

While on vacation, there are plenty of food choices. But there’s only one type of food I’m always up for: pizza! We’ve gone to two places in two different states. Both are can’t miss places while traveling in the Pacific Northwest!

Seattle, WA

We asked some locals where the best place to get pizza is in Seattle. Without hesitation, they said The Alibi Room. If we hadn’t asked, we would never have known this place existed! It’s nestled in an alley near Pike’s Place Market. Still unsure of where that is? Just look for the Gum Wall. It’s really a can’t miss, although sometimes I wish I had.

The Alibi Room is very intimate. Seems like a great place for a date or a small group of friends. We opted to order the Classic, which is pepperoni and sauce. It’s thin crust and not overly greasy. I thought the sauce was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The cool thing was that the pizza pan was placed on a Costco-sized can of olives. The pizza was just enough for my mate and I to finish. Not too big, not too small. Quick factoid: One of the original owners of the Alibi Room was actor Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences).

Portland, OR

Like ghost stories AND pizza? Then Old Town Pizza in (ahem) Old Town Portland is the place for you! We stumbled upon this place while on a ghost tour we went on last year. Old Town Pizza is located in some place supposedly haunted by a hooker who was killed in the elevator shaft.

One thing that certainly creeps me out is the bathroom. I walked in last night and swore there was someone there, at least what I could see out of the corner of my eye. It turns out the scary thing looking back at me was my own reflection (there’s a mirror to your left when you approach the sink).

Aside from supposed ghosts, the other thing that will hit you is the fantastic smell of pizzas cooking. We opted for the Original — pepperoni, salami, olives, bell peppers and HOUSE made sausage (I hate mushrooms, so we ordered without them. I highlight the sausage because you can definitely tell they are made right there. It’s just sooo good.

They now offer thin crust, but the Original seems to have an already thin crust. It’s best described as being as crisp as a cracker. It’s very flavorful. The ingredients themselves are so fresh that I would think they have picked the veggies fresh from their haunted back yard.

The table we sat at is converted from an old sewing machine table. It’s little details like this that add to the charm of Old Town Pizza.

Trust me on this – You won’t be disappointed in either of these places. But I do say go to both!


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