[Shameless Plugs] That’s What Friends and Family are For

If you stumble on my blog and can only read ONE entry, then read this one. Since my friends and family have put up with me for 0-30+years, I owe them big. So, here I am  plugging their businesses. And away I go!

1The Grill (San Diego — Sorrento Valley): Open for lunch M-F. Daily specials are posted on their FB page. I HIGHLY recommend the sliders!

2.  Dillon’s Irish Pub (Hollywood): TV, booze, pool tables, booze, great food, booze. Need I say more? Also find them on FB. Where else in Lala Land will you find $3 pints? I dare you to find a place!

3. Intrigue Chocolates (Seattle, WA): If you did the smart thing and clicked on the link, the front page says it all — “You think you’ve had chocolate, but you’ve never had good chocolate until you’ve had Intrigue Chocolates.”

Wipe the drool off your face and order some chocolates for your sweetie or your enemy, who you hope goes up a few waist sizes in the next few days.

4. My hairdresser Lucy (Hair Days Beauty Salon in Irvine): My best not-so-well-kept secret. I’ve gone to many different people/places, but Lucy is by far THE BEST. I want her all to myself, but she needs to make a living too. So, I’ll make an exception for her sake. 🙂

Bottom Line: Support small businesses!


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