[Raising the Bar] The Draft

I attended an event on Tuesday at The Draft Bar and Grill in Studio City, CA. I’ve only been to a couple of bars in my life, but this one definitely made an impression.

Randy Wang, co-host of the "Pretty Good Podcast" owning the mic.

First, the service was great. I don’t know, sometimes I just expect bad service because after downing a few, you’d think they wouldn’t care to cater to their customers. Our server was so kind the whole time we were there (which was about 6 hours!).

It’s a total sport lovers’ paradise. A lot of places have TVs only in the center. Not The Draft. They had TVs everywhere, so no matter where you’re sitting, you’re not going to miss the action. We were even sitting at a booth where there was a TV at our table.

There’s a karaoke area that sort of reminded me of Wayne’s basement (Party time! Excellent!). It’s sort of set up like a living room, with this old yet comfy looking sofa. I didn’t partake in any of the singing, but I certainly enjoyed throwing back a few while my friends went up there and belted out a few.

There’s also an outdoor extension that brings some of the outside “in.” I didn’t hang out there, but would like to next time (because there certainly will be a next time!).

Bottom Line: Just what the doctor ordered! A great place to unwind and kick back with friends.


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