[Getting an Earful] Podcasts Rule Because Radio is Dead

What is a podcast? It’s many things, but to me, it’s this: Bullshit-free entertainment. Let’s face it: Modern music is not music. It’s man-made, like the types of shoes I don’t buy.

I’ve listened to talk radio for as long as I can remember. Why do I like it? Yeah, probably to escape loneliness, but also to know that what I was listening to was a PERSON, not a machine.

There are so many podcasts out there (just check out iTunes), so there’s gotta be at least one for you and his and hers… Three’s Company too. (Oops… I digress.).

If you’re new to podcasts or still wonder “Mayo, WTF are you talking about?” then let me provide you a list of MY favorites. Then get your own.

In no particular order:

Frank Kramer is HOT

That's dopey me telling Frank how I've had a crush on him. *Blush*

1. Heidi and Frank/After Hours with Heidi and Frank: Two Indianans who made it west to be on the radio. Heidi’s an animal advocate, wine connoisseur and has a mean cackle. Frank (aka “The General”) is fake toothed, fake-eyed, and too hot for radio. Their producer, Erik Scott Smith (aka “Smeez”), is a musician, actor and can rock a pair of women’s skinny jeans. Together, they provide 2 hours of daily belly busters. If you’re a VIP (which I highly suggest), you can even stream and download the show at your leisure.

PGP Hosts & Listeners at the Orangeshow Speedway in Sen Berdu

2. The Pretty Good Podcast: If you’ve lived in the LA area and were a fan of the (sadly) now defunct KLSX 97.1 – The FM Talk Station – then you’re probably familiar with the hosts of this podcast — Randy Wang and Gina Grad. They appeared on the Conway & Whitman Show. But once the radio buffoons decided to flip the station, Randy & Gina were left to fend for themselves. They eventually ventured on their own and The Pretty Good Podcast (PGP for short) was born. Randy, Gina and PRO-ducer Elijah bring the funny 5 days a week, covering their weekend “we-caps,” non-political news and reader e-mails. This is a pretty good place to start if you want to get a feel for podcasts.

3. Adam Carolla Podcast: Don’t know who Adam “Ace” Carolla is? He can be credited with loosening up Dr. Drew Pinsky of radio (and briefly tv’s) “Loveline,” chugging beer with Jimmy Kimmel on “The Man Show” and bringing the funny to unknowing victims on “Crank Yankers.” His sarcasm and rants may turn people off, but it’s what I love best about him! Plus, the man was meant to be on radio because the man can talk for forever. Seriously.

4. The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin: This is my newest podcast find! After Gina Grad from the PGP appeared, I was hooked! Paul Gilmartin (most recently host of TBS’ “Dinner and a Movie”) interviews different people (comedians, TV and radio personalities, etc.) and basically discusses everything that you think made YOU seem abnormal. This podcast brings personal problems to the forefront with a mix of seriousness and humor. The lightning round where Paul Gilmartin and his guest go head to head on naming their biggest fears is my favorite segment. In a nutshell, it’s theremedy — a combination of therapy and comedy.

5. The Michael Show Podcast: This show is definitely one to listen to if you hate everything you hear and see in the news or other media. If you ever say to the tv or your computer, “Who cares who Kim Kardashian is making a sex tape with?” then this is the podcast for you. For me, he says exactly what I’m thinking, which is usually “WTF?” or some variation (depending on how bad of a mood I’m in). This is one of my newest favorites, and I warm up to it every time I listen.

Bottom Line: Take a listen to a few episodes by clicking on the links, or downloading them from iTunes or the Stitcher app on your phone. Then come back here and let me know if I was right or if I was totally out of my mind.


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