[My $.02 Inaugural Post] Eff Yelp!

You’ve either been coaxed by me to read this blog, or you’re a genius who knows where to find good writing. I think it’s the latter (flattery gets me everywhere, right?).

In any case, thank you for visiting. Since this is my inaugural post, let me introduce why I started this blog.

The title of this post says it all. I was one of the millions of (idiots) who fell in love with Yelp, the go-to website when it’s 2 AM, you’re hungry and broke, but somehow have access to the Internet to look for a place to stuff your face or just plant your butt somewhere because of boredom.

When I found Yelp, I found more than love. I found a purpose for my writing. Instead of mindless blogging, I had a PURPOSE. And it felt good.

Then 4 years, 500+ reviews and 3 consecutive years of Elite status, the love affair ended. I won’t go into the details. You can Google it for yourself. I’ll try not to insult anyone’s intelligence.

So, with this new blog, I will continue to write reviews (and perhaps plagiarize myself) and provide other consumer tips to make your life a little better.

My goal is to have this blog evolve into something useful and entertaining. Okay, so I’ve already failed at that. But give me a chance. I’ll try not to be like a cheap condom and fail you.


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