[Get Your PCM On] C’Mon!

PCM — acronym for Pizza, Chicken and Mojos (slices of potatoes, breaded, seasoned and fried) only available at Shakey’s.

This is my second trip to Shakey’s in the last month or so. Prior to that, I hadn’t been there since 1993. It was the year I went to the motherland, ate at Shakey’s, and got sick. All I remember was spewing Kool-Aid-looking liquid, rushed to the ER, and defecating into a wash tub for ~ 2 weeks. I vowed never to eat at Shakey’s again.

Randy Wang getting his PCM on.

But Randy Wang, host of the The Pretty Good Podcast, convinced me that it was good. And it is.

Not sure if all Shakey’s are alike, but this one I’m reviewing is located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, near the Victoria Gardens shopping center.

I needed food to wash soak up the pitcher or so of beer I drank. Got a fried chicken breast and wing, and stole a slice of deep dish pepperoni from my bf.

  • Chicken – Skin was crispy and meat was hot and juicy. It couldn’t be any more perfect!
  • Mojo potatoes – Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfectly seasoned and fried.
  • Pizza – The crust could have been a little bit crispier, and the sauce was too sweet for my liking. It tasted more like marinara sauce.

The restaurant itself is perfect for watching sports. There are multiple flat panel televisions mounted on the wall and there is one wall in the middle on which the television image is projected.

For the kiddies, there is a little arcade, where kid after kid that I observed walked away with fistfuls of tickets. One kid at our table came back with a bag full of arcade prizes.

For the big kids, there is a bar right when you walk in.

Is this Heaven? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s pretty damn close.


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