[Fancy Feet] Stepping Up, Stepping Out

My three favorite letters when it comes to fashion and dress are DSW, which is the acronym for Designer Shoe Warehouse. Thanks to DSW, it stands for Damn Shoe Whore once you see how many pairs of shoes I have (most of which were purchased from DSW).

DSW is definitely a shoe lover’s paradise. They have such a wide selection of shoes — casual and dress heels, boots, sneakers and even flip flops. Everything’s marked down from the MSRP, and believe it or not, the shoes do not have the appearance of being from the bottom of the shoe barrel.

Every season they have a great variety of shoes. My favorite has to be the fall, when they get some great boots in stock. But don’t be totally swayed by what’s new at the front of the store and along the walls. No, no, no! Head to the back of the store for the DISCOUNTS! Shoes are sometimes 40, 50 and 60 percent off or more. The stock is not limited to only the small or large sizes. They have the 7s and 7.5s!

But the savings don’t even stop there. If you are a member of the DSW Rewards program, you’ll get coupons in the mail based on your purchase points. Also, on your birthday, you’ll get a special birthday certificate.

Does it sound great? Well, there’s more.

You can actually COMBINE coupons. I’m not sure what the limit is, but I think I’ve used at least 2-3 coupons in one transaction, even on the clearance items!

My best money-saving tip is this: Look in the store and try on shoes. Once you find the pair you want, go online to DSW.com and find it. Sometimes there will be additional online-only coupon codes, which you can use ON TOP of your coupons! Sometimes the codes are for a certain amount off your purchase or free shipping (shipping is usually free). In my most recent transaction, I saved about $40 using a combination of coupons, coupon codes and a gift card that I obtained by cashing in my cashback bonus from my credit card company.

If you are weary about purchasing online, don’t fret. Returns/exchanges are free! Even if you buy online, you can return/exchange your purchase at your local store!

Bottom Line: If you’re not buying shoes at DSW, you need to go, go, go! Deep discounts are waiting for you!


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