[6] It’s electrifying!

My middle name is not “Stupid,” but it should be.

One of my other backyard adventures involved finding this rusted thing in the dirt. It looked like something out of a manicure set or something. It had one pointy edge, but it wasn’t sharp.

Anyway, what does the 4 or 5-year old me do?

Stick it in an electrical socket, of course!

The vision I had in my head was like the ones I saw in cartoons. I imagined my feet coming off the ground and my skeleton exposed. It’s like someone giving you a firm handshake that rattles you to your core.

I then ran into the house. I guess it was part embarrassment and just fear of what just happened happening again.

And it did. It happened again. On purpose, no less!

This time it was indoors. I decided a few years later to ask myself, “What did it feel like to get electrocuted?” The only way was to try it again!

This time I stuck a tweezer in the outlet. Yup. Same thing.

How I’m alive, I’m not sure. Maybe that can explain my lack of brain cells. *Shrugs*

Lesson learned: If you try it once and succeed and live, don’t try it again.


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