[1] Scarred for life. Thanks sis!

Things my has sister taught me:
1. Since I’m the youngest, I’ll be all alone because everyone else will be DEAD before me. She sang a song in a somber voice that goes something like, “No more [insert name]. The flowers are for you.”
2. The Tooth Fairy and my sister not only write the same way, they ARE the same.
3. There’s no fooling her — When something of hers is out of place, she’ll know about it, no matter how good you try to put everything back in place… or you sweat in her clothes and try to put in back in her closet among the clean stuff.
4. That lady who birthed me is her mom, not ours. (She actually did say “my mom” when she was talking to me recently.)
5. I was the brattiest little sister because I permanently damaged her eye by hitting her in it with a hairbrush (and I also believe a toy xylophone).

Lesson learned: My sister really, really likes me!


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